Poem Atlas Collaboration

Poem Atlas is an exciting online exhibition space and event series for anyone interested in the visual possibilities of poetry. It was founded in 2019 by Astra Papachristodoulou, a recent graduate of the Poetic Practice MA at Royal Holloway, and its supporters include The Poetry Society and National Poetry Library. 

Astra is curating an ‘Aww-Struck’ poetry exhibition that will be launched on Poem Atlas and via our online seminar on Friday 21 May. As she states, “This group exhibition will showcase a diverse mixture of interpretations on the growing theme of cuteness through the prism of visual poetry. It will focus on works that merge text and materials, and will involve emerging and established poets from around the world.”

Poem Atlas aims to showcase the best of visual, object and experimental poetry in the UK and beyond, focusing on the work of poets who merge poetry and visual art to create unique visual-textual and interactive objects.

But what is object poetry? Astra explains: “An appetite for curious poetic objects urged us to create a platform for the innovative field of object poetry – a unique strand of visual poetry that is lesser known to the wider public. An object poem, to us, is a three-dimensional poem with material and formal qualities that merges poetry with visual arts.​”

Poem Atlas borrows its name from the homonymous Titan in Greek Mythology who was condemned to stand at the edge of the world and hold the entire sky in his arms until the end of time. A bit like the Titan Atlas, the poet has the potential to be the beholder of extraordinary things.

Astra Papachristodoulou is currently a PhD researcher and tutor at the University of Surrey. Her work has been published in magazines including Ambit, The Times and Magma Poetry. She is the author of several poetry pamphlets, including Stargazing (Guillemot Press). Astra has curated in-gallery and online exhibitions around the UK.

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